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HD Online Player (download Prince Of Persia Forgotten ) [Latest]




It is the sequel to the 1994 platform game, Prince of Persia. The game was originally set to be released on September 28, 1993, but was later delayed to February 25, 1994. The game was later rated M by the ESRB for Violence and Language. Gameplay The sequel is an action game in which the player controls the title character, an archer, named Prince of Persia, against an army of soldiers who are bent on killing him. The game consists of 3 stages, all of which are in 3D. Each stage has multiple levels, and the first level can be played at no cost. There are many special moves that the player can execute during combat, such as dodging, vaulting, and shooting. The special moves are performed by touching the touch screen. Touching the screen does not immediately execute the move, though, and the time it takes to perform the move is different for each move. Also, the timing of each move is different: the player is always given one second to perform the move; in some cases (such as a move performed while the player is dead), the player is given two seconds to perform the move. Prince of Persia 2 features four playable characters, each with their own set of special moves and gameplay. Each character also has a unique special ability in which a character can perform an action and have it drain a set amount of time, after which the character must enter a guard state, from which they cannot be revived until they have gained enough time back by doing an action. These abilities come in three different sizes, and the characters will alternate between using each of the abilities once per battle. These four playable characters are named: Prince, Princess, The Shadow, and The Flame. Each has their own distinct physical moveset. The first two characters, The Shadow and The Flame, are very similar in the gameplay: both play similarly, with The Shadow having a more balanced gameplay. The Shadow has one special ability, in which he can gain a few extra seconds back, whereas The Flame has four abilities, two of which grant him extra time, and the other two are used to attempt to get rid of an enemy, by destroying him. The third character, Prince, plays differently from both of these two characters: he is very attack-oriented, but has little defensive capabilities. The final playable character, Princess, is completely different from the other three: she has more defensive capabilities than the other three characters, and uses a whip that she can use




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HD Online Player (download Prince Of Persia Forgotten ) [Latest]

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